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Featured Farmers
Tom & Jake Peissig: JTP Farms
Thank you for reading about one of our farmers and feel free to get in contact with any of our locations about any questions you might have.  
We want to hear your voice and thank you Steve for your business this year.  
JTP farms is run by Tom and Jake Peissig.

  Their operation is a 280-cow dairy that they milk with 4 robotic milkers. They farm roughly 750 acres with their main crops being corn, alfalfa, and some small grains.

They do their own tillage work and hire out custom work for planting and harvesting. The Peissigs run a 4-generation family farm with the help of two full time employees. 
When we asked Jake Peissig how long he has been in agriculture his response was “my entire life”.  

Jake was in the FFA for 6 years and finished off his career by being a state FFA officer. After high school Jake went on to college at UW-River Falls for ag education. Once he graduated from college Jake worked at Bob’s Dairy Supply for 10 years followed by Dic-Wisco for 3 years. For the past 6 years Jake has been working on his family farm. 
We asked Jake how Heartland meet their needs in 2018 and he responded by saying that this year he had, “excellent support and service” when it came to his crops. 

 He also mentioned that he appreciates that Heartland has a, “competitive price” especially in this low margin dairy industry.  
When reflecting on how the crops were looking this year for JTP farms Jake said that they were, “above average from last year””. We had above average temps with it dryer than we are use to seeing. A little too dry actually….  
Wondering what activities Jake does off the farm for fun we learned that Jake does some curling and public speaking for robot milkers. He also said with a smirk, “Believe it or not I do enjoy spending time with family even though my wife might say differently”.  
We were curious to see what advice Jake would have for the next generation of farmers and his response was “Hang in there” followed by the question “Do you have a good banker”. All joking aside he responded by saying “You need a good mentor. Someone who you can trust and pick their brain”.  
Lastly, we asked Jake if he had any questions for Gery the agronomy division manager to answer. He asked these following questions.