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Future Farming Solutions
Precision Agriculture Services
Crop Scouting. Why?
Heartland’s Crop Scouting Services is a for-hire program that guarantees “boots on the ground” and “an eye on every acre” throughout the season.
Saves you time so you can focus on other business activities. 

Keeps your yield potential safe from weeds, insects, and diseases that rob your profits. 

 Digital records are maintained for easily accessible history and year to year comparisons and decisions. 
Recommendations are made to increase yield potential, efficiencies and in turn profitability of your agronomic practices.
What that means for you
Scouts look for any abnormalities in the plant such as off-colored, diseased, and stunted plants

Scouting the fields before planting allows for the grower to know what weeds are in the field

After seeds are planted scouters look for seed damage, early pest damage, and perform stand counts

Throughout the year crop scouts keep an eye out for insects that may be present

Another job of crop scouting is looking out for plant damage caused by weather, fertilizers, nutrient deficiencies, herbicides, and soil issues
Early detection is important for us to identify possible issues, so it can be solved quickly for the farmer
 If you have any questions, contact your local Heartland Location!
GPS Grid Sampling provides many advantages over conventional sampling
GPS data provide precise placement of nutrients where the soil needs it most
Fine tuning a field’s fertility improves yield potential average 
making the most of your acreage
In a lower margin market: “Do more with what you have!”
Digital data is easily accessible for field and site-specific agronomic decisions
Provides greater consistency in sampling 
GPS guided application
GPS grid sampling, the gateway to other precision farming practices, 
helping to determine variable rate seeding and other management practices
Soil Sampling with the 4-Wheeler
GPS grids
GPS field boundaries
Custom soil sampling
More flexibility in soil sampling:
  • After hay harvest
  • After fall harvest
  • During crop emergence

Reasons for Soil Sampling
Lime and fertilizer recommendations
Soil test report are made based on the yields desired, nutrient sufficiency levels and desired pH
Measures soil’s nutrient-holding capacity
When to Collect Samples
Carryover nitrogen analysis should be done annually since levels are dynamic
Soil sampling once every 2 or 3 years is adequate
Try to sample at the same time each year
Precision Farming Specialist Charles Glenn on Heartlands soil sampling 4-wheeler