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 By applying the right mix in every area of your field you will eventually end up with a much more even yield over the entire area. Depending upon the field, the amount you apply may or may not vary from your past practices but because you are doing site specific application you will be more efficient and effective with your application. 

There are other benefits to single pass application. An important but overlooked advantage is less driver fatigue which can mean means fewer mistakes and costly accidents. It also means freeing up your time for other operational duties.

 With the use of the newest technologies you are not just planting and harvesting, you are managing the Return on Investment (ROI) of your crop production as well as increasing the overall efficiencies of your farm.

Heartland Cooperatives Precision Farming expert Charles Glenn can show you how Precision Farming can create long term stability in a volatile market. He will help you analyze your needs and work with you to devise a long term plan that will meet your yield goals, your budgets and your financial expectations.

Talk to your Heartland Agronomy representative today about all aspects of Precision Farming or call our Precision Farming Specialist Charles Glenn directly at 715-897-2819 today. Learn how Precision Farming can help you increase your Yield, Efficiency and Profits.

Advantages of a dual box:
 If your mapping and analysis shows that you need potash and phosphate in differing amounts in specific areas of a field you can load both applications into the TerraGator. Using mapping and GPS technology the mixing and site specific application are done on the move with only one pass saving time and application costs.
How Heartlands TerraGator
can help your Yield, Efficiency & Profits!
Precision Farming, Precision Agriculture, GIS Farming, Site Specific Crop Management: These terms all refer to using the latest technologies to help producers increase the yield, efficiency and profits on their farm. (Y.E.P). 

A few short years ago these terms were not even heard of, now they are at the forefront of farming and Heartland Cooperative is on the front lines of these new concepts in agricultural production.  

There are many aspects to Precision Farming. One of the most important is in fertilizer applications. By using Grid sampling, GPS guidance and other technologies you can analyze your soil and crop needs and by efficiently controlling applications create a yield that is consistent throughout your fields. With precisely controlled applications you can avoid over or under application, saving time in field passes as well as money in application costs.

It all starts with precision mapping and analyzing of your fields to allow Heartland Cooperative experts to see exactly what applications, in what amounts are needed to produce the best yields. 

As is most often the case, more than one application is needed and the amounts will differ in many areas of your field. In the past this would mean making multiple passes over the same area costing time and money. 
Heartland Cooperative now offers a better solution. 
The TerraGator dual product box GPS controlled applicator
Heartland’s Precision Program Continues to Grow

With the expanded adoption of various precision technologies by our growers, Heartland Cooperative has continued to ramp up our capabilities to ensure your success (think Y.E.P. - Yield Efficiency Profit!). Our precision application equipment expands to add three new RoGator spreaders with twin bins for variable rate application of two products simultaneously. With base soil fertility, a prerequisite to consistent high yielding crops, grid soil sampling teamed with our knowledgeable staff and growing fleet of application equipment will ensure your success in precision agronomy.
Get started with grid soil sampling today! 
Contact your local Heartland Cooperative Services agronomist today. 

Precision Farming - Harnessing Technology to Feed the World: 
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